Creating exponential value for organizations

Luminis helps organizations innovate successfully. The world of technology is constantly changing and the complexity and speed of change continues to increase. To keep up with these developments and seize the changes to create an edge over your competition requires the right knowledge and expertise: performing ahead of the crowd. With Luminis and its teams at your side.

Craftsmanship is at the core of our being: we are not afraid to perform ahead of the crowd. Being the best at what we do has been a part of our DNA since day one and – two decades later – still is an important part of Luminis. This enables us to help customers deal with the continuously changing world flexibly and resiliently.

Customer Stories guiding consumers through the world of private leasing

Future innovations can be implemented efficiently and quickly.

INAETICS: an architecture for resilient systems

Solutions for scalable, time-critical systems in a broad scope of applications.

Research Solutions

Digitizing and automating the literature search process for regulated and knowledge-intensive companies. That's what they are doing at Research Solutions with Curedatis.

Innovating with data

Transform data to valuable and actionable insights, create new business models and stay ahead of the crowd.

  • Make business processes smarter and more efficient
  • Discover new insights in the field of data architecture
  • Support with the decision making and implementation of data lakes

Data intelligence

AWS Consultancy

Benefit from high quality solutions, scalable infrastructures and the latest technology using AWS cloud products and services.

At Luminis, we believe we’re better together. That’s why we make sure to commit to partnerships with main cloud vendors, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Consultancy

Featured articles

-Ivo Domburg

In my first years as a UX designer, about 15 years ago, there was one question I feared: “Can you prove that your design will actually result in a good user experience?” I did not know how to prove that my work...


Being cloud-native enables organizations to implement changes at the speed of light, but leveraging cloud technology also means giving away control. That sounds like a paradox, but it resolves once you realize that you don’t need to give away control...

-Nico Krijnen

Have you ever spent hours or days trying to figure out why some API test is failing? Whenever something like that happens to me, my immediate thought is: what could have helped me find this problem faster? Unit tests are...