Our organisation

Luminis is a software technology company that was founded in 2002 in the Netherlands. What drove us to establish our company was the realisation that technology was enabling a revolution in almost all fields of human endeavour. Existing IT organisations lacked the agility and culture to identify, master and apply emergent and disruptive technology at the speed and intensity that was required. In short, we were founded as a place where like-minded, technology-obsessed, creative professionals could work and be happy.

The philosophy upon which Luminis has been built is committed to open innovation. Luminis has always been a strong proponent of open source development – not only using open source, but also developing and contributing and to the open source community. Likewise our relationship with our customers is open and transparent. We avoid traditional “lock ins” e.g. IP ownership, proprietary licenses, etc. We develop reuseable, modular software ourselves and in collaboration with partners – via SaaS propositions and open source licensing.

Our focus spans the potential benefits represented by the Internet, cloud-based SaaS and the interconnected device. Identifying, mastering and applying emergent technologies is our core competence. By creating an environment where the very best IT professionals can thrive and excel, we’re able to offer real value to our customers.

Our organisation is designed to maximise agility, minimise hierarchies and to keep both internal and external communication lines short. Luminis comprises a number of highly autonomous operating companies with their own leadership, united under a clear philosophy and strategy. Our operating companies can be broadly divided into:

Envisioning, designing and realising robust, scalable and adaptive systems is what we do best.