Arjan Schaaf

Arjan has been developing modular and web applications using Java, OSGi and Groovy for years as a software engineer and architect. As a DevOps architect Arjan has shift his focus to bringing development, operations and business together. Making sure great projects like PulseOn work in the Cloud for our customers and end users.

As a DevOps architect, Arjan has a passion for bringing the work of many people together in the Cloud and making it run secure and reliable. Using the latest offerings from Cloud platforms like AWS and open source technologies such as Amdatu and Apache ACE.

Posts by Arjan Schaaf


Soundbyte 388 – Leadership

I was planning on writing an extensive Soundbyte about all kinds cool stuff that kept me busy lately. I was working on a mix about game theory, zero trust, taking on new challenges and cloud computing. But then I saw this post by Jessie Frazelle, an awesome engineer I’ve been following on Twitter & Github […]

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Soundbyte 367 : Don’t look down

Anybody catch the USA Grand Prix last night? If you didn’t: stop reading and watch this video instead. You’ll probably understand why I’m a big fan of Formula 1, Max Verstappen and Kimmi Raikkonen 🙂 Sorry embedding is not allowed, so here is the direct link: The rest of my week has been about Security […]

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Soundbyte 346: In the blood

End game I saw this tweet last week and thought: YES so much this! Here is my application, run it for me, when and where I want it, securely. That’s the end game. — Kelsey Hightower (@kelseyhightower) May 22, 2018   Have a look at the part of our strategy document about Technology Propositions. Our […]

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Soundbyte 323 – City I love to hate

Just back from Las Vegas after visiting the AWS re:Invent conference, my head is spinning with so many impressions. I’ve been to Vegas twice in the past, both times by myself. I didn’t like the place at all: too loud, too crowded and overall just a very strange place that is like no other city I […]

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