Paul Bakker

Paul is a software architect for Luminis Technologies and the author of “Building Modular Cloud Apps With OSGi”. He believes that modularity and the cloud are the two main challenges we have to deal with to bring technology to the next level, and is working on making this possible for mainstream software development. Paul is an active contributor on open source projects such as Amdatu, Apache ACE and BndTools. He has a background as a trainer on Java related technology and is a regular speaker at conferences.

Paul is also a CrossFit athlete, spending most free time holding barbells.

Posts by Paul Bakker


Soundbyte 234: Learn to fly

Let’s start this Soundbyte with a bit of already old news for those of you not on Twitter. Together with Sander Mak I’m working on a new book for O’Reilly: “Java 9 Modularity”. The book is scheduled for early 2017, which is perfectly aligned with the Java 9 release date. Also a big thanks to […]

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Soundbyte 217: Rage Against the Machine

I’m writing this soundbyte sitting in the sunshine at “Duke’s Cafe”, the outdoor hangout space at JavaOne (yup, that’s where the beer is). Before anything else, let’s start some music. Each year there are some cool bands playing at JavaOne/OpenWorld. We’ve had bands such as Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Aerosmith, so expectations for this […]

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Soundbyte 186 – Different shades of blue

Don’t worry about the title, this Soundbyte has nothing to do with fifty shades of anything. It has everything to do with great blues music however. “Different Shades of Blue” is the latest album by Joe Bonamassa, which Bert Ertman and me went to see live a week ago. Coming back to the familiar topic of […]

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Soundbyte 164: Livin’ on the Edge

The past few weeks have pretty pretty intense with traveling. A nice holiday in Tunisia was followed directly by JavaOne and JDD Krakow which was last week. Although JavaOne is a few weeks back already, I’m still processing it and most of this post will be reflections on the conference. Aerosmith was playing at JavaOne […]

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Soundbyte 150: Cloudy with a chance of data

Recently I found a fun analysis that compared the vocabulary of Shakespeare with modern day hip-hop artists. While my musical taste shifted towards ‘lots of guitars’ and away from hip-hop somewhere during high school (yes that was my thing for a while), the data is quite interesting. It shows that some of the hip-hop artist […]

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Soundbyte 135: Being the best

Looking through the new strategy document, or booklet that is, I found one of the pages to be brilliant. It’s the page with a photo of Lebron James, one of the best NBA players ever. “Our Goal is to be the best at what we choose to do, and to be famous for it” says […]

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Soundbyte 96: Fade to black

Before we really get into the SoundByte, first some music. This SoundByte I don’t have some kind of link to the rest of the article, but it’s good music anyway. Recently I decided to take training (in the gym) to a next level and that means plenty of time in the gym listening to music […]

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