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Soundbyte 328: Off-key

This was the first week for me to start working again after the holidays. During my time off with Christmas and New Year, I battled with my phone, computer, and tablet to ignore the gradually increasing unread-messages number in my inbox. The upside of success is that you really get to unplug, the downside is […]

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Soundbyte 312: Man and machine

One of the nice perks when working at Luminis is that you can pick a new lease car every four years. Last week my new car finally arrived and I have to say, it’s awesome. Not because it’s faster, more powerful or has some super cool engine, but because of the driver assist extras I […]

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Soundbyte 298: Familiar Conversations

On the last day of Pentecost, with a lot more alcohol in my veins than on an average Monday night, I try to capture my thoughts. It’s a lot harder these past months which won’t come as a surprise for those who know me a bit better. Ever since I’ve gotten back from Tallahassee I […]

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Soundbyte 282: Homecoming

My week started eleven days ago when boarding the plane back to Amsterdam, marking the very end of a year working and living in Florida. I’m not even sure how often I took that particular flight, but with two bicycles, five suitcases, and four carry-ons, this trip was nothing like any other. (Skipping over the fact […]

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Soundbyte 270: Thanksgiving

This week will be Thanksgiving in The States. By Thursday most of the families will be eating Turkey and spend a moment’s time to give thanks to all the people and things that are dear to them. And by proper American tradition, devote the following day to getting the best Black Friday deals at the […]

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Soundbyte 249: Layback waste

I still experience new things on a daily basis when living as an expat in Florida. But there is one epiphany I had this week which I think is true all over the world of software development. My revelation can be summarized as waste, a common term for lean/agile enthusiasts who try to reduce waste […]

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Soundbyte 233: The forward outpost

So by a happy coincidence I became the forward outpost in the USA for Luminis within the same week I got to write the Soundbyte. We should have arrived one month ago, but the visa was just recently approved and now I am finally here! No snow in The Sunshine State, but blue skies and […]

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Global Day of Coderetreat 2015 at Luminis Arnhem

November 14, 2015, is this year’s Global Day of Coderetreat. This is a day for us, as developers, to hone our skills, share knowledge, and honor the craft of software engineering. Luminis Arnhem will facilitate a code retreat at our offices in Arnhem. We will provide you with both the facilities and the necessary guidance […]

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Soundbyte 209: Willin’ to learn

The most fun part of getting older is that your experiences allows you to see the lessons you’ve learned years ago in a total different perspective. I find it exhilarating when I remember wise words from a teacher or friend years after the fact in another context. When it allows me to perceive a situation […]

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