András Király at Zandvoort


On the weekend of June 4th and 5th about 100.000 people gathered in the dunes at Zandvoort for the family racing days featuring Max Verstappen. Whilst obviously Max was the biggest crowd pleaser, arguably the best racing that weekend came from the national MaX5 Cup, a competition that, this particular weekend, featured about 50 first generation (NA) Mazda MX-5’s.

András Király has his nose in front entering the first corner.

One of the competitors is András Király, whose story goes all the way back to when he was a little boy that got gifted a copy of Grand Prix 2 by his parents. He was immediately bitten by the motorsports virus and started simracing on his PC. In November 2003 he drove his first on-line race with Grand Prix Legends, which is when I first met him. Ten years later, he made his debut in the MaX5 Cup, a single make, extremely competitive racing series. Building upon his simulator experience and on a tight budget, he fought his way to the top.

András has also been part of Simracing For Holland since its inception in 2004. Simracing For Holland is a team of simracing enthusiasts. Named after dutch endurance team Racing For Holland, they also adopted their chequered paint style and race in endurance, GT, Cup, Formula and Sportscars competitions.

András Király's car sporting the Simracing For Holland livery.

Photo by Thomas Bakker

For this weekend, András decided to honor his simracing background by painting his car in the same chequered livery the team used for all those years. Luminis, rFactor 2 and some of his teammates sponsored this special livery and András put the car on pole position in the early morning. That afternoon, in a thrilling race, he converted that pole position in a win, edging the nose of this car 0.012 seconds ahead of the number two car after numerous position changes where cars were drafting and overtaking each other lap after lap.

Top podium spot for András!

A small penalty placed him ten spots back for the second race on Sunday. About halfway through the race he was again battling for the podium when braking problems caused his car to spin out into a gravel trap where his car got stuck. All in all András showed great pace and demonstrated that simracing can be a great basis for a career in motorsports. We wish him all the best for the rest of the season!