Automobilista Motorsports Simulator v1.0 released


Automobilista Motorsports Simulator v1.0 is being officially released as v1.0 this Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 after being in Early Access on Steam before. Luminis, in cooperation with Reiza Studios, developed the software that powers the latest racing simulator. Pure simulation, pure fun — Automobilista places you in the driving seat of an advanced racing simulator. It features elite Brazilian racing series along with a wide range of racing vehicles and international tracks for a uniquely diverse motorsports experience.

Marcel Offermans, lead developer, states: “Automobilista, which is based on the proven rFactor engine licensed by Image Space Incorporated, provides a very realistic car model. The small but very talented and dedicated team at Reiza Studios managed to build a simulator that combines a wide variety of cars and tracks with a very advanced and challenging physics engine. With several downloadable content packs (DLC) still on the way, Automobilista is a project we are very proud of. Automobilista is available on Steam now. It runs on any modern PC so all you really need is a wheel and pedals to get started!”.