IT-company Luminis organizes Devoxx4Kids in Apeldoorn


On Saturday 1st July in Apeldoorn, the software- and technology-company Luminis is organizing the global Devoxx4Kids event for children. During the event, children aged between 10 and 14 years will follow a number of interactive workshops aimed at introducing children to computer programming and encouraging them to use computers creatively. Registration is via Luminis’ website.

Programming for children

Over 60 children will have the opportunity to attend three, 1.5 hour sessions on computer programming. These young programmers will build a personal robot and control it using Lego Mindstorms, they will develop their own computer game in Scratch and build an extension to Minecraft. The day’s schedule begins at 09.00 a.m. with registration and will finish at 16.30 with a demo, where the children will present what they have developed in the workshops to their parents.

Registration: Devoxx4Kids in Apeldoorn

Devoxx4Kids in Apeldoorn and Enschede

Devoxx4Kids is a global organization with the objective of introducing children to computer programming. The Devoxx4kids foundation works with companies to organize Devoxx4kids events, where a playful, gaming approach is used to engage children’s minds and bodies in programming computers. Following the first Devoxx4kids event on 1st July in Apeldoorn, Luminis will also be organizing a second event in Enschede towards the end of 2017.

Sharing knowledge

Luminis, the software- and technology-company proactively promotes and participates in the sharing of IT-related knowledge and experience. Luminis supports and actively contributes to the Open Source Software community as well as organizing (free) knowledge exchange sessions, training programmes and supplying guest lecturers to academic institutions. Luminis is also a regular contributor to (inter)national professional conferences, including J-Fall, JavaOne, JavaZone, Jfokus and Devoxx. From 2015 Luminis started its own annual event for the developer community: Luminis DevCon. Luminis DevCon where more than 500 IT professionals meet to exchange their knowledge and experience each year. Devoxx4Kids is the first major event that Luminis has organized for children.

Registration: Devoxx4Kids in Apeldoorn