Congratulations Luminis with your 12th Anniversary


On April 1st, 2002, Luminis was founded after many sessions around the kitchen table. Everybody got an annual subscription for Burgers Zoo, which was promoted to be our office. In the mean time, Luminis has grown to become a company consisting of many different cores.

12 years ago, Luminis started as Luminis Software Development in Arnhem. In the early days, everybody met at Burgers Zoo on Fridays. A location that was different, because Luminis is no standard company. Luminis started out with 9 employees and has grown to over 120 people.

Luminis follows the enterprise model of BSO-founder Eckart Wintzen (1939-2008). He was a big advocate of the cell philosophy. The cell division principle is a management concept whereby an organisation consists of a number of people that form a cell. If this cell becomes bigger than 50 people, a process starts to divide the cell into two independent cells with their own chef. Luminis strives to combine the agile and passionate nature of small cells with the effectiveness of a big company. Every core has its own identity.

This year the 12.5 year anniversary of Luminis will be celebrated with relations and colleagues. To be continued!