The importance of collaboration emphasized at the Luminis annual software developers’ conference


The software technology company Luminis held its annual developer community event on Thursday 12th of April 2018. The Luminis DevCon highlights the latest software trends and technologies. “Software is changing the world”, stated Luminis’ CEO: Hans Bossenbroek, at the opening of Devcon; “and these changes demand that we find new ways to collaborate and share knowledge”. The 500+ conference participants were called on to participate in the development of Open Source software.

Children learn to program

Hans Bossenbroek, CEO van Luminis

Hans Bossenbroek, CEO van Luminis

In his opening keynote talk, the British researcher Sam Aaron explained how music is being used to stimulate children to learn computer programing. The Sonic Pi developed by his team at Cambridge University provides and Open Source environment to children and schools that introduces them to the fundamentals of programing, while composing and performing music through play and having fun.

Open Source development

During the morning keynote presentation, René van Hees (Chief Software Architect of Thales Nederland) was joined by Hans Bossenbroek (CEO of Luminis) to explain the important role of collaboration in the Open Innovation project: INEATICS. INEATICS is a project in which both Thales and Luminis participate to develop a scalable, architectural foundation, suitable for complex data-intensive applications such as defense systems. The project addresses a range of requirements including robustness, high-availability as well as security and scalability.

Luminis has been an active developer and contributor of Open Source software since its inception. Luminis founded the Amdatu Foundation that develops modular components that may be used and reused across a wide range of modern software systems.

Luminis DevCon

The Devcon held at the CineMec in Ede on 12th April 2018 was the fourth annual conference organized by Luminis. The conference focusses on knowledge and experience sharing between IT professionals and features multiple interactive sessions from renowned national and international speakers. Participants were also invited to join demonstration-sessions during the breaks; a notable feature of this 2018 event was the opportunity to drive advanced racing simulators, powered by rFactor2, while being coached by Rudy van Buren McLaren’s Formula1 simulator driver-in-residence. rFactor2 is developed by Studio397 – part of the Luminis group of companies.