Book release: Java 9 Modularity

Luminis - 24 June 2016

With Java 9 promising to shake up the Java world with modularity in the language, Sander Mak and Paul Bakker started working with O’Reilly to publish a book about Java 9 Modularity. Progress on the book is going very well. The first chapters are completed and will be sent out for external review soon. External reviews will include two members of the JDK team working on Jigsaw that offered help on the book. An early access release is planned around JavaOne, giving it as much exposure as possible. Sander and Paul will be officially releasing the book Java 9 Modularity in early 2017.

Java 9 modularity and Luminis

It should not be a surprise that modularity is an important topic for Luminis. Their open source platform Amdatu is built around OSGi, they have the Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi book co-authored by Bert Ertman and Paul Bakker and it is a core architectural principle for the products Luminis build. The module system in Java 9 is obviously a very interesting change for Luminis as well.


Even before the early access release is published the book has been getting a lot of attention. Paul and Sander have been speaking at a number of conferences about Java 9 already, including JavaZone (2015), GeeCON, Luminis’ DevCon and DevNation and have been invited for a number of other conferences and meetups later in the year as well. On all the conferences so far the talk has been very popular, filling even the largest rooms.

GeeCON, Krakow

GeeCON, Krakow

DevoxxUK, London

DevoxxUK, London

Do you want to stay up to date? You can follow the process of the book via their Java 9 Modularity Twitter account.

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