Luminis in Amsterdam moves to Suikersilo-West!

Vivian Wonink - 14 November 2017

The Amsterdam-based subsidiary of the software technology group Luminis, has relocated to Suikersilo-West in Halfweg. This move reflects the substantial growth that Luminis in Amsterdam has experienced over the past few years; the new, spacious and modern offices provide an ideal working environment and a great place to meet with our customers and partners.

Luminis in Amsterdam was founded in 2014 under the leadership of Sander Pagie and Jettro Coenradie. In addition to the full range of Luminis services, they have focused on developing specialized expertise in the fields of Data Analytics and Machine Learning to provide expert support throughout the Luminis group.

Meanwhile they have helped many Luminis customers benefit from the application of advanced search techniques to analyse large quantities of structured and unstructured data. The growing demand for their skills and expertise has led to the expansion of Luminis in Amsterdam with additional consultants and technical experts, as well as the growth of their network.

You are cordially invited to drop by for a guided tour and a cup of coffee!


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