Luminis’ Cloud platform now on UK Government G-Cloud 10


Software technology company Luminis registered their seminal Cloud platform on the UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace. Government Cloud (G-Cloud 10) is a UK government initiative to ease procurement of cloud services by government departments and to promote government-wide adoption of cloud computing.

Luminis UK proactively encourages departments and authorities across the United Kingdom to use more Open Source technology in the Cloud. Luminis’ Cloud platform, The Cloud RTI, consists of a Cloud platform with a host of supporting tools that have been designed to help organizations in making the transition to Cloud computing, while benefiting from the advantages and insights of the Open Source community. Cloud RTI is infrastructure-agnostic and allows software to run on infrastructure from multiple providers including both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

The Luminis Cloud RTI incorporates the latest practices and insights in Cloud computing from the Open Source community; it is designed to help organizations to make the transition to Cloud computing whilst allowing them the maximum freedom of technology choices. As an example, Cloud RTI supports the ability to implement hybrid Cloud strategies, ranging from multiple public Cloud providers up to and including on-premise and private cloud (if required).

In January 2016, the Dutch software technology company Luminis selected the United Kingdom to establish their first operation outside the Netherlands as part of their international ambitions.