Luminis contributes to advanced racing simulator


Arnhem, March 14th 2016 — Luminis, in cooperation with Reiza Studios and Image Space Incorporated, developed the software that powers Adrenaline Control‘s latest racing simulator.


Situated next to the airforce base in the Gate2 Aerospace and Maintenance building in the Ericssonstraat in Rijen, Adrenaline Control has converted a 360 degree “dome” with a diameter of 7 meters into a state of the art racing simulator. Atze Kerkhof, former speed skater (shorttrack) has founded this company together with Patrick Wouters to train racing drivers to become quicker and better. By combining his experience competing in sports at the highest level with simracing, where he is also one of the quickest drivers, he is ideally suited to coach drivers and has already proven that his method works! More details about this can be found in the news articles at the NOS and

The software in his simulator is so close to the real world experience that each breaking point and driving line can be practised and replicated on the real track in a real car. The only thing that is missing is the G-forces. The software that powers this simulator is Automobilista, developed by Reiza Studios in collaboration with Luminis. Marcel Offermans, lead developer, states: “Automobilista, which is based on the proven rFactor engine licensed by Image Space Incorporated, provides a very realistic car model. Using the physics modeling skills of Heusinkveld Engineering to provide the right parameters, cars can be created that come within a few percent of the real telemetry data. Automobilista is available on Steam and runs on any modern PC so all you really need is a wheel and pedals to get started!”.

In our upcoming Luminis DevCon we will talk about Automobilista and have a professional simulator so you can try it out for yourself!