Luminis helps children on their way with computers at Devoxx4kids in Apeldoorn

Denise Neurink - 5 July 2017

The Devoxx4kids event was organized by the software company: Luminis, to improve the province’s childrens’ understanding of what they can do with computers.

APELDOORN – On Saturday 1st July 2017, Luminis organized a Devoxx4Kids event in Apeldoorn. Devoxx4kids is worldwide movement, committed to helping children learn to program computers. More than 60 children between the ages of 10 and 14 years attended a series of interactive workshops, some of which were also led by children. The workshops were designed to use a variety of approaches to help children understand what can be done with computers. The event was sold-out, underlining the appetite for understanding programming amongst children.

Helping children to program

This was the first time that Devoxx4kids had been organized in Apeldoorn. Over 60 children took the opportunity to participate in three types of software development sessions delivered by the software company: Luminis. Learning to program appears complicated and this impression is reinforced because there are many different programing languages.There are however, plenty of other ways to learn to program; these also help children understand the limitations of computers. Luminis used the experience, approaches and exercises developed in practice by the Devoxx4kids movement to develop the event’s course material.

“These young programmers radiated enthusiasm! Robotics is today’s reality for this inquisitive generation”, according to Marc Teutelink, software architect at Luminis.

The next Devoxx4Kids in Enschede

Following the resounding success of the Luminis event in Apeldoorn, a second Devoxx4kids has already been scheduled in Enschede, later this year. At the Enschede event, young programmers will build and control robots using Lego Mindstorms, build their own computer game in Scratch and develop a game extension to Minecraft. After Devoxx4kids in Apeldoorn, this will be the second stand-alone event of its type that Luminis has organized.

Sharing knowledge and experience

Sharing knowledge and experience is one of Luminis’ founding principles; in addition to playing a substantial proactive role in the Open Source community, Luminis’ employees deliver courses and presentations to Universities and high schools. Luminis also organizes knowledge-exchange sessions and training programmes for businesses and individuals. Papers and presentations from Luminis are a regular feature at most major (inter)national software developer conferences including J-Fall, JavaOne, JFokus and Devoxx. In 2015 Luminis launched its own major, annual conference for software developers and IT professionals: the Luminis DevCon. This has grown to an event where more than 500 IT professionals meet to exchange their knowledge and insights into information technology.

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