Luminis at inspiration session “Excellente Toppers”


November 21st 2014, Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Marcel Veening will present at inspiration session “Excellente Toppers”. The Centre of Excellence for New Media Technologies (CoE) and the Digitale Steden Agenda are organizing an inspiration session regarding the existing shortage of qualified personnel on the Dutch ICT labour market.

During the workshop, Marcel Veening focuses on personalization in digital solutions (Smart Concept), based on the same technological platform that will affect urban development the coming years. The creation of communities as a part of the ”participatiemaatschappij”, a society that requires more participation of civilians in healthcare, social welfare and security (e.g.), and the connection with the qualified trained target group can be gained with an innovation stimulus.

Dutch corporations are finding it increasingly difficult to identify and employ sufficient numbers of ‘Excellente Toppers’, whilst educational institutions in the Netherlands apparently do not receive sufficient ongoing information regarding the necessary technical, commercial and social competences that are required. The aim of the November 21st inspiration session is to bridge this expectation gapĀ. Speakers at the session will be provided by the CoE, Ziggo and Luminis.