Luminis develops booking platform for the first Official F1® Racing Centre


On June 1, 2020, the very first The Official F1® Racing Center opens its doors in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At this new location in The Wall along the A2 near Utrecht, visitors can race against each other individually or in groups on professional hardware. Luminis developed the reservation platform based on InformationGrid.

Luminis was asked to provide a booking platform that made reservations and payment quick and easy. InformationGrid was chosen as the development and data platform because the reservation platform had to be delivered in a short time. In addition, the race center wants to keep a good overview of the customer and reservation dates. InformationGrid enables The Official F1® Racing Center to easily add new functionality and easily expand to multiple locations in the coming years. 

Luminis business unit “Studio 397” focuses on professional race simulator software and competition infrastructure. During the development of the esports concept, the organization came into contact with Studio 397. From there, discussions arose about the infrastructure for the Official F1® Racing Center.

“Given the ever-growing popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands, we are delighted to open the first Official F1® Racing Center together with F1 in Utrecht,” said director Niels Roodenburg. “Visitors of all ages and abilities are welcome here to experience the joy of driving a virtual F1 car. Formula 1 is here for everyone! ”

For news and more information see the website of The Official F1® Racing Center: