New release for Luminis’ Open Source project Amdatu


Luminis releases Blueprint r3 of open source project Amdatu. With Amdatu blueprint we provide a standardized workspace that provides templates to get quickly you up and running with building modular applications using Amdatu components. Luminis is one of the founding members of the Amdatu Foundation and its Open Source project.
In this release Luminis added support for creating Docker images for your application and the security feature has been updated to use the latest Amdatu Security version. Check out the blueprint documentation to get started quickly.
Amdatu subscribes to an Open philosophy aimed at open collaborations. It is geared towards enabling Open Innovation projects to deliver evolvable software systems quickly and reliably. To that end, the Amdatu project offers a large collection of Open Source components and development tools. The Amdatu project is designed around an opinionated architecture which applies the modular development paradigm.