MediGrid improves the speed and quality of medical research


During the corona crisis, Luminis Technologies in Apeldoorn worked hard on a solution that improves data quality and research options at various English hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies. There is now international interest in this innovation. Luminis Technologies has decided to make this solution more widely available under the name MediGrid.

Raymond ter Riet, director of Luminis Technologies, says: “At the end of 2019, Luminis was approached by a large pharmaceutical company because of our innovations in the field of data in the cloud. They worked on a project together with the University of Liverpool and a number of English hospitals. There was a significant challenge there to merge different types of data from all kinds of sources, to improve them in order to subsequently be able to perform real-time analyzes. The next step is to exchange this data in a secure manner, whereby all regulations in the field of privacy and security must be properly followed. ”

In the months that followed, this suddenly turned out to be a global challenge. Poor data quality and data exchange also proved to cause a lot of delays in the search for COVID-19 treatment methods and vaccines during the corona crisis. Research shows that 50% of hospitals and research institutions still exchange information via paper. E-mail, Excel files and even the fax are still widely used. These inefficient and unsafe methods are an obstacle to a much greater need: international exchange of medical data, so that research into medicines, treatments and side effects can be carried out more efficiently and faster.

Start with a data strategy

Martin van Mierloo, product manager of MediGrid, says: “Many parties in the healthcare sector are still fully engaged in digitizing processes. This is step one and a precondition for taking bigger steps. Such as organizing care around the patient and better cooperation between institutions. But digitization alone is not enough. If you don’t think about a data strategy from day one and put data quality at the center of the process, significant challenges in the area of approval and complianc

e arise later on. Research projects where the data is 100% in order ultimately lead to better health and a longer life expectancy. And I like to work for that every day. “

MediGrid initially focuses on data research from clinical and preclinical trials and research into, among other things, side effects of medicines. The solution is distinguished by an effective way of data management, a fully managed environment and a user-friendly interface.

Raymond ter Riet: “We believe in solutions that not only digitize the process surrounding medical data, but also help organizations to take a big step in the field of data processing and collaboration. The corona crisis has clearly shown that there are major problems with medical data processing. We are convinced that our solution helps to greatly improve the speed and quality of investigations. ”

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