New InformationGrid cloud native infrastructure released


On 4 September 2020 a major update of  InformationGrid was released. Besides almost 30 improvements and bug fixes this release contains a completely new cloud infrastructure.

Over the last few years InformationGrid used Luminis CloudRTI (Real Time Infrastructure) as the cloud infrastructure. CloudRTI allowed our customers to setup scalable, secure, resilient and managed infrastructures on AWS and Azure with nice features such as container orchestration, zero downtime deployments, ingress management and centralized logging and monitoring. Over the years we’ve noticed that Amazon and Microsoft have added so many new services and tools that is was time to rethink the InformationGrid cloud infrastructure.

In this 20.4 release we have rebuilt the InformationGrid cloud infrastructure from the ground up. Important requirements were security-by-design, less required infrastructure knowledge and full lifecycle support (CI/CD, DevOps). We used the available Amazon and Azure services and components where possible.

The result is a new cloud native infrastructure based on:

  • Infrastructure as code (using AWS SDK). Enables a declarative approach and easier, repeatable and better manageable configurations.
  • Managed Kubernetes (using AWS EKS/Azure AKS)
  • Native and integrated monitoring (Azure monitor)
  • Easier and improved deployments and DevOps support (using GitOps)

This release contains full support for the new native cloud infrastructure on AWS and some building blocks for an Azure cloud native infrastructure, which we hope to fully support in one of the next releases.

Release notes

​The full release notes can be found here.


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