What does a Business Consultant do?


Meet Robin! Robin van Kaathoven is business consultant at Luminis. Nice job title, but what do you actually do? What does being a business consultant at Luminis entail? We would like to give you an idea through an interview with Robin. However, if you end up a Business Consultant at Luminis, your workload could look different. At Luminis, we focus on people, not a pre-determined profile. We think it is important that you fit in with us. Only then will your qualities be able to shine and will you enjoy your work to the fullest.

Below you can read the interview with Robin. Do you recognise yourself in the things a Business Consultant does at Luminis? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Robin, why did you choose Luminis?

I chose Luminis because I am enthusiastic about innovations in IT, Cloud, and Data. The speed at which new services and digital products are introduced is increasing, as is the variety of revenue models associated with them. Modern software technology opens doors to create value faster, but how do you go about this? What product design do your customers like the most? Which business model fits and what is feasible in terms of software technology? Precisely these questions are at the core of the way Luminis helps customers take the next step.



How do you start with a new customer?

While I also have my own network as a business consultant, I am usually introduced to customers by my commercial colleagues. My task is to gain the trust of clients and position Luminis at board-room level. A business design workshop, for example, is a great tool to establish the relationship between a company’s strategy and the digital products that can contribute to it. After a few follow-up interviews, I usually start in an advisory role, rolling up my sleeves and getting to work. For example, in my last assignment I started as Product Owner. This was a great way to get to know the people and the domain better, and of course to set an example of how such a role can be fulfilled.

So as Business Owner you are a Product Owner as well?

I only fill such roles temporarily. I prefer to work during the phase in which business concepts and project definitions have not yet been fully formed, that’s where my strength lies. My focus is therefore not delivering projects, but transforming companies into agile organisations that are able to translate the possibilities of software technology into business benefits. I realise that I cannot do this alone and I consider myself fortunate to have my Luminis colleagues who can join me in various areas of expertise and who can help fill parts of the path that I envision for the customer. Such as, for example, a business analyst who is much stronger in concretising a concept to system requirements and a project definition.

What do you do when the project is on its way?

When we have reached that state, I am often already broadening my network within the customer organisation to see how Luminis can contribute more besides the original assignment. It is my job to strengthen the relationship between customers and Luminis in this way, and not fall into the trap of continuing to work full-time on one project. However, I will continue to monitor the relationship and make adjustments because I can, like no other, establish the relationship between where the customer wants to go and the role Luminis can play in this.

Do you also have a commercial role as Business Consultant?

With regards to the long-term strategy for a customer, I work with my commercial colleague. For large accounts we make a long-term plan where the strategy of the company and their business model play an important role. Of course we share this strategy with said customer and adjust it based on their feedback. These are the moments when a customer notices that we are a true partner, not just a supplier.

What really makes you happy?

Transforming an organisation is not easy. I often work with people who are less willing or able to contribute to the necessary changes. That is part of my job. For me, digital leadership is also an ambassador’s role, and I know that in addition to drive, patience and soft skills are also very important. I always keep the bigger goal and long term vision in mind. What I really enjoy is when people gradually become more enthusiastic about new technology and start using and applying it themselves.

Do you also have an internal role at Luminis?

Every week is different for me, as I work for various clients at the same time. I am also working internally besides my work for our clients. For example: a brainstorm with colleagues, help with a quotation, to prepare a presentation or have a meeting with all colleagues who work for one of my clients. We then discuss developments and see whether we are on track. I am not only concerned with the development of our customers, but also with that of Luminis.