Raymond ter Riet appointed the director of Luminis Technology in Business

Luminis - 1 July 2019

Amersfoort – Raymond ter Riet has been appointed the director of Luminis Technology in Business (TIB). The appointment of Raymond ter Riet marks another important step in Luminis’ product development and the further fulfilment of its international growth ambitions. Raymond is the successor of Marcel Offermans, who will focus on Studio 397: Luminis’ gaming studio responsible for rFactor 2: the world’s most realistic racing simulator to date.

Raymond ter Riet has a background in Computer Science and AI. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and has worked in various commercial and management positions for large and small technology companies. He has worked for companies such as Exact Software, Compuware, Be Informed and TMG Media Groep. At Luminis, he is responsible for marketing Cloud technology and data products. 

Raymond ter Riet: “I am very enthusiastic about Luminis products and the growing number of clients whose businesses are benefiting from them. Our strength lies in both the innovative concepts that underlie the products, and outstanding quality of our people and software. For that reason, I feel more people and organizations should become acquainted with our products and services. I will be focusing much of my attention on expanding the go-to-market organization to improve our reach and ability to provide service to existing and new customers and users.”

Luminis products
The Luminis product portfolio consists of the InformationGrid, a low-code Cloud platform for data-intensive applications;, a data-driven, personalized learning platform and rFactor 2, one of the world’s most realistic racing simulators. Luminis Technologies in Business is an organization with a team of 45 international employees who are based in the recently opened office Apeldoorn, located at Regentesselaan 11, Apeldoorn. Apeldoorn is also home to one of the Luminis consultancy companies, located at John F. Kennedylaan.

Luminis is a software and technology company with offices in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. This network organization focuses on clients for whom information technology and the Internet have strategic value. That is why Luminis specializes in the application of new technology and develops its own products in the field of Cloud technology and data management. These form the foundation for innovative solutions created for clients in both the realm of business and government.