Elasticsearch on the web week 8


This is the first overview post around what I found on the world wide web this week related to elasticsearch. This is not a generated post, but a post describing the most interesting articles I read this week. Some of them are older than this week, but they did help me this week with something. From now on I am regularly going to write these overview posts. If you want to stay up te date feel free to follow us on twitter. In this post news about Kibana 4, ELK and Docker, update to the shield plugin and the latest and greatest version of elasticsearch.


Let us start with the great news about the upcoming Kibana 4 release. In the beginning of december 2014 I wrote an article about Kibana 4 beta. This week the RC1 of Kibana was announced. Some very interesting new things in there. One of the more surprising things to me is that Kibana is now based on Node.js. The result is a different distributable for difference OS environments. Of course a lot of new features as well, I like the new multi series charts. Now it is possible to show things like avg, max and min in one chart. Another useful addition is the option a add a markdown based text widget on a dashboard to help explain what is on the dashboard. Read more in the blog from the elasticsearch team: kibana 4 rc1 is freshly baked

Docker and Fig

Recently I got to know Fig. A very nice utility to make working with multiple docker images very easy. I wanted to work on a local WordPress install and this was just minutes of work with Fig and docker. I thought it would be nice to have something for the complete ELK stack. Of course this was already done by someone. If you are also interested in Docker and Fig have a look at this Github project: fig-elk

New release 1.4.3 and 1.3.8

New releases have come out, mainly to fix a vulnerability in the scripting support. This is a big one, as it turns out Groovy scripting is not as secure as we all thought. In this release the sandbox is switched of for groovy, this means you cannot pass inline scripts. Which is a shame, you can do cool things with them. Now you need to store the scripts on the server and cannot provide them dynamically. More information about this problem and the release can be found on the elasticsearch blog: elasticsearch 1.4.3 and 1.3.8 released

Shield 1.0.1 released

Mainly a release to support the new version of elasticsearch (1.4.3). Also the authorization rules for Kibana 4 have changed. Beware, if you want to upgrade to 1.4.3, you need to install the upgrade to the shield plugin. More information can be found on the elasticsearch blog: shield 1.0.1 released

Elasticsearch: The definitive guide

This is the title of an O’Reilly book. The book can be read as html from the elasticsearch site. But I prefer a pdf and ePub format. Therefore I bought the book at O’Reilly. This week I got a notification that the first version without the notification that it is a pre-release was added to my dropbox account. If you want to spend time on reading a book about elasticsearch, than take this book. The definitive guide.

Closing words

That is it for this week, hope you found some inspiration in the links I have provided. If you feel I missed something, feel free to post a comment or drop me a line.