Smart Systems Conference


‘s Hertogenbosch, October 1st 2015: Luminis and Thales will present their vision on evolving high-tech systems as exhibitor and speaker during the second edition of “Bits&Chips Smart Systems.” This one day conference is aimed at professionals who deal with smart information systems.

The Thales / Luminis booth contains a live demonstration of an resilient software application placed upon the reference implementation of the INAETICS architecture. This architecture is fully based on open innovation approaches and aimed for high-availability and time-critical and safety related systems. 

Program: Software Quality

Luminis’ Hans Bossenbroek and René van Hees of Thales will talk about a software architecture for high-availability systems. In this presentation, they will present their vision: evolution can be designed into systems. The INAETICS architecture introduces one overall architectural style and is designed for systems that require high-availability, often translated into time-critical and safety demands. The INAETICS project also delivers a reference implementation for both the radar and the smart grid domains.

Moreover, Luminis’ Jan Willem Janssen and Thales’ Gerrit Binnenmars will present their experiences on how to implement an INAETICS-like robust software architecture using Open Source solutions. Questions that will be addressed are: “How to build an architecture that is robust, scalable, secure and dynamic, which Open Source projects and components are fit for purpose here and How to design an architecture that is not outdated right away. During these presentations the INAETICS architecture will be used as a demonstrator and show case.

Smart Systems Conference

The Smart Systems conference is intended to bring together people who are involved in the development of smart information systems, from smart pills to square kilometre arrays, from clever lighting to advanced diagnostic equipment or production machinery. The first edition of this event took place on 19 and 20 November 2014. 

Do you want to join Bits&Chips Smart Systems? Preregistration is possible until 28 September at the latest.