SYCOMM: Luminis and AET in business in the field of digital security in the enterprise


AET (A.E.T. Europe B.V.) and Luminis have announced the launch of a joint venture, which focuses on enterprise digital security from April 2014. This joint venture, called SYCOMM (Secure Your Community), is the result of an ongoing cooperation between AET and Luminis. SYCOMM delivers solutions for a secure digital business environment for its customers and their employees. The products and original technology of AET will be enriched with Luminis’ consulting, system integration and technology.

SYCOMM will also contribute its specialist knowledge and products in the field of digital security to Luminis’ customers and partners.

Security at Work

The increasingly rapid deployment of digital solutions throughout all aspects of business and modern society brings a correspondingly increased need for security and privacy. Meeting these needs is what SYCOMM provides solutions for. SYCOMM’s solutions span e.g. the protection of consumer privacy, defence against corporate espionage and spying as well as implementing a broad range of systems in the field of digital security. Ultimately, SYCOMM’s proposition is the supply of comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to secure its customers’ digital environment.

Combined expertise

AET and Luminis’ collaboration started more than a year ago, when Luminis was asked to provide technical support for the development of AET’s Mobile PKI product that is now known as ConsentID. This successful collaboration combined with the market’s increasing demand for consulting, project support and implementation led to the decision to form SYCOMM as a joint venture. AET’s focus on developing core, original technology and products and Luminis’ knowledge of the environments and systems where security products need to be integrated was an ideal, complementary combination.

A.E.T. Europe B.V.

AET is a market leader in the field of cryptographic middleware. Examples include smart cards, card management and Mobile PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). There are more than 25 million (digital) certificates issued and managed by AET worldwide. These certificates are used as “digital keys” by individuals and systems to gain access to services, physical environments or networks. AET products are typically used to meet the security needs of businesses, government and digital ID, bank and mobile applications. Finally, AET provides SYCOMM employees with intensive training about AET products and provides third-line support where necessary.