Winner of the Dutch FD Gazellen Award

Denise Neurink - 24 October 2018

Luminis won the Dutch entrepreneurial award “FD Gazellen”. We are very proud to be awarded as being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. 


The FD Gazellen Award is an initiative of a Dutch financial magazine, called Financieele Dagblad, and focuses on successful and fast growing companies. Luminis has shown above-average growth over the past three years and besides this innovative entrepreneurship.


This is an Award that all our colleagues can be proud of. We have been helping our customers and partners to innovate using software technology for years. I am very glad that there is recognition for what we do from a business point of view now too. In the future it will be proven even more that innovation together with customers will lead to both substantive and financial positive results.”, says Laurens Miedema, CFO of Luminis.

FD Gazellen

FD Gazellen Award 2018

FD Gazellen 2018

The FD Gazellen Awards are presented this year for the fifteenth time to Dutch companies that have grown at least 20% in turnover during the previous three years and which have closed profitable in the past year. Starting in this year, not only the revenue growth is counted, but also the growth of employees and the profitability of the fast-growing companies. With these three indicators, the Award will be more balanced. On November 13th 2018, the FD Gazellen award will be handed out by Financieele Dagblad.

Innovative Entrepreneurship

Luminis creates innovative IT solutions for business and government. Our 180 employees are spread over various small offices the Netherlands, so we keep open collaboration with our customers. With the combination of consultancy services and Cloud-based products, we offer solutions that use the Cloud, IoT and big data.

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