Java Software Engineer – Apeldoorn

About us

Luminis is a software technology company. Our focus is the increasingly important and positive role that new and emergent information technology has in enabling the ever-increasing speed of change in the world. We proactively participate at the vanguard of this change and we’re committed to developing innovative approaches that deliver value. Needless to say, we take our profession and the business of software development very, very seriously.

Luminis was founded by, and is still managed by software professionals. We are open, transparent and straightforward at all levels, both internally and externally. We develop software that allows us to build innovative solutions without reinventing the wheel each time. In the spirit of open innovation, we commit most software that we develop to Open Source. Our projects are diverse but are all founded on the basis of innovating together with our customers. We are not just involved in what we do, we are committed to it.

About working at Luminis

Luminis consists of over 125 professional colleagues who share our passion for our profession and are committed to excel in it. We are a decentralized organisation that encourages and allows everybody the space to develop his or her own skills and specialism(s). There is no pre-defined, “one-size-fits all” approach to skills development; your individual development goals and how these are achieved are your responsibility. We will support and encourage you in achieving were you want to go. We value the talent and potential of our colleagues enormously; after all – we know of no other profession were there is such a big difference between average and good.

Luminis has 4 regional offices (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Apeldoorn en Arnhem). We call our offices ‘kerns’; each kern is a highly independent company within the Luminis Group. Each kern has its own management team who are responsible for everything, including local specialisms and culture. The kerns also work closely with each other and actively share knowledge.

About the job at Luminis

We haven’t met each other yet so we can’t say too much about how you might fit in. We prefer to skip the generic vacancy recruitment headings: ‘about you/ who are we looking for’ etc.. and to engage you in a personal conversation. If you like what Luminis stands for and you’re passionate about the IT profession, we’d like to meet you. Whether you’re just starting out on the road to mastering your professional skills or an industry expert (we call ours “Fellows”), let’s talk.

What Luminis can offer you:

  • A highly motivated team of extraordinary colleagues who like to share their knowledge and also to learn from you.
  • An environment where you can exploit your own initiative; there are a lot of possibilities, if you want to grasp them.
  • A company that is determined to be the best at what we do – because were passionate rather than arrogant.
  • Opportunities for growth, within your own expertise areas.
  • A competitive salary, profit sharing, laptop (Mac), lease car and a mobile phone of your choice.

What Luminis does not offer you:

  • A strictly hierarchical organization.
  • Lots procedures, policies and interference from above.
  • Assignments to projects or customers for a very, very long time.
  • A disproportionate focus on short-term profits.
  • Uniformity and colourless people.
  • Legacy technology “experience”

Knowledge, experience and attitude:

Who you are and the potential you represent are the overriding factors we look at. Most of the substantive experiences we can of course see in your resume. Below a few principles that we would like to discuss:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Several years of experience
  • Experience with Scrum/Agile environment, be open to new developments and always willing to learn
  • Willingness to work at projects on location of customers
  • A solution-oriented mind-set
  • Empathy, Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship appeal to you
  • Passion for what you do and want to achieve


Hopefully you recognize yourself in our story and are you willing to contact Luminis. To do this simply send your resume to A motivation letter is not necessary, we would rather meet you and talk to each other, which says a lot more than a letter.