You will be responsible for the technical growth.

You will research, experiment and advise on opportunities within AWS and think about how these can help us grow our managed services business.

In addition, you also keep time and space to assist technically with one of our Cloud projects where necessary. As a person you like depth and challenges and know how to turn these (in collaboration with the team and customers) into practical solutions.

  • Dev: we are traditionally a large group of software and data engineers and our view is that ‘Cloud is Code’. Now and in the future. We therefore expect extensive experience with ‘Infrastructure as Code’ such as CloudFormation and/or Terraform in combination with Python, Typescript (and Bash if needed).
  • Ops: within managed services team you are a technical conscience for colleagues. You know how to keep an overview during escalations and jump in when needed. Analytical and problem-solving thinking is absolutely necessary within this role.
  • Build: you like to build solutions that add value within managed services but these innovations can also apply to ongoing customer projects. Think of user stories in the area of Cloud migrations, Big Data, Data Analytics or a topic such as Security Automation. There is an intrinsic drive to innovate and grow your skills.
  • Sec: AWS Cloud means considering security as “Job Zero,” too. The solutions we create and manage are secure according to best-practices and without compromise. As are the measures to manage those secure solutions.
  • Well-architected: you are excellent at translating the technical content of the AWS Well-Architected Framework into possible improvements for customers. You can explain well to all parties the advantages and disadvantages of innovations and the trade-offs. We expect you to be able to implement these (or have them implemented) as well.
  • Communicate: in a coordinating and team-oriented role as Senior AWS Cloud Engineer, having an open, energetic communication style is a must. You don’t hesitate to speak at Meetups or knowledge events, for example.

You see opportunities and seize them. We meet regularly at the office, for a pleasant lunch but especially to share experiences. This is how we help each other with projects and associated challenges. You can also count on:

  • A salary between €5000 and €6500, depending on your knowledge and experience. On top of your salary you will receive a monthly net expense allowance of € 75.
  • 29 days of paid leave
  • A profit-sharing plan
  • A laptop and phone (or monthly allowance for your phone)
  • € 50 allowance for sports and recreation.
  • Good retirement benefits, for which Luminis pays 55% of the premium and 100% of the premium for ANW and WIA gap insurance.
  • The opportunity to work hybrid and a budget of €600 to make your home office suitable. In addition, you can take advantage of a travel allowance or lease car.
  • Plenty of development opportunities (and a training budget). You are surrounded by experts and internal sessions are organized continuously. There are also opportunities to participate in (external) meetups and events.
  • Opportunities to participate in training and activities at our Luminis Academy.
  • A highly motivated team of extraordinary colleagues, who are keen to share their knowledge and experience with you.

What do we ask from you?

First and foremost, that you enjoy working with us! If you feel good in your role at Luminis, we will offer you the opportunities to do what you are good at and support you further with where you want to go. In brief, here are some key points that are required:

  • Several years of experience in a technical coordination role. You enjoy supporting colleagues by asking the right questions and coaching them, among other things. Your colleague’s development is also your development.
  • More than 5 years of experience in building and managing (Cloud) infrastructure.
  • You have knowledge of and experience with AWS Cloud, preferably supported by certifications and the will to keep up with your certifications.
  • You have experience with Bash scripting and programming languages such as Python and Typescript to integrate services or applications with each other or automate functions.
  • (AWS) Container platforms, containers and common related container tools are familiar.
  • Infrastructure you naturally set up with code (think: CloudFormation (CDK) and/or Terraform (CDKtf)).

About Luminis

At Luminis, we do things a little differently. You can tell by who we are and how we work. With pleasure, for example. We are convinced that a shared passion and pleasure in your work lead to the best results. Results that we achieve with empathy, professionalism and entrepreneurship. This is how we add value for clients, employees and society. We do this throughout the Netherlands.

In total, about 160 professionals work on high-quality technical solutions for more than 100 clients, including great brands such as Albert Heijn, Nike and We are also socially involved in projects such as the RopaRun, the ALS Foundation and Devvox4kids. We are leading the way in cloud, data, e-learning, Internet of Things and e-commerce and our employees speak at conferences around the world.

Want to learn more about Luminis? We have put together an introductory box for you. Request it free of charge here.