Our culture

The essence of our approach. We do what we say. And we deliver what we promise.

We are committed to developing our skills, growing as individuals and being the best at what we do. This was our strategy from the start. Our core values unite us. They describe who we are and how we work together.

Expertise, Ownership & Commitment, Collaboration and Fulfilling our ambitions. These core values help us create maximum impact through our advice and the technology we develop.

Our core values

Working together to deliver the most innovative solutions and highvalue moments

Unlocking exponential growth for our customers takes teamwork and skill. ‘So we attach great importance to values such as expertise, ownership and commitment, collaboration and fulfilling our ambitions.


Craftmanship is deeply woven into everything we do and has been since day one. Our colleagues actively acquire new knowledge and skills and share them with others.

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Everything we do at Luminis is a product of collaboration. You contribute to the success of our customers and the knowledge of our community.

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Ownership & Commitment

At Luminis, you don’t wait to be asked. You are free to take action. Colleagues identify opportunities and proactively pursue them.

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Be ambitious

At Luminis, we turn visions into reality. Colleagues give you the freedom and support you need to pursue and achieve your ambitions.

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Our history

From day one, we were determined to do things differently. We are no ordinary technology company. We take IT very seriously and create real value for our customers. This is clear from our history

Luminis was founded in 2002 by Hans Bossenbroek and a few others. To begin with, we met at Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem. Today we have offices throughout the Netherlands.

The highlights