Be ambitious!

We continually aspire to do better as a team. Better from one day to the next and better than our customers expect.

Our desire to do better is the engine that drives our constant search for new technology solutions that help our customers advance their strategy. We are always looking for new ways to turn our passion for technology and innovation to our customers’ advantage.

What does ambition mean at Luminis?

At Luminis we are driven by a mindset that inspires us to keep learning and growing as individuals because we want to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

  • Colleagues give you plenty of freedom and support to pursue and achieve your ambitions. Commit to your vision or dream and make it happen! You will find that you learn and grow in the process.
  • Our shared ambition inspires our customers and increases customer loyalty.
  • When it comes to technology, there is no glass ceiling.

What our colleagues have to say…

Knowledge is one of the few things that increases when it is shared. So we like to share our knowledge and be inspired by others.

Our knowledge-sharing culture means we meet new people, have interesting conversations and together come up with something better. We like to share our knowledge and to be inspired by the expertise of our colleagues. You can feel this throughout the organization.

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Our core values are embedded in everything we do. It is important that everyone feels part of the company. How do we achieve this? Read more about home base at Luminis.