Everything we do at Luminis is a product of collaboration. We believe that to deliver top performance you have to work as a team.

Collaboration is not just a matter of everyone doing what they are good at. We assemble a unique project team for every customer and every project. So building relationships and identifying with others are key to our approach.

What does collaboration mean at Luminis?

Connecting and using our combined talents in everything we do.

  • Partnership with Cloud Vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.
  • Luminis colleagues collaborate across our offices.
  • Together with Thales, De Belastingdienst (the Dutch tax authorities) and Bosch, we have set up a unique training program for future software leaders.

Our colleagues on learning and experimenting…

Collaboration also means exploring possibilities together, trying things out and learning from mistakes.

We are not the kind of company that says, ‘This is how it should be done.’ That way, nothing changes. We discuss better ways of doing things and make it happen. We do this openly and transparently so together with our colleagues we find the best solutions. This allows us to pursue things that interest us and learn from each other.

Experimenting doesn’t mean only doing things you enjoy. It is how you discover new ways of doing things and work out creative ideas.

Together we explore innovative concepts. If it is something you can use in your work or something we can demonstrate at our DevCon conference, we support it.