How do you become the best in your field? And how do you keep developing your skills? Being surrounded by colleagues who are experts helps.

At Luminis everyone excels at something. We have outstanding developers, gifted project managers and finance wizards who keep the money side of things in order. Craftmanship has been part of our DNA since day one.

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What does craftmanship mean to us?

At Luminis we are driven by a mindset that inspires us to keep learning and growing as individuals, to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

  • We share our knowledge at conferences, Luminis DevCon and Meetups, and through our training courses and internal knowledge sessions.
  • Together with Thales, De Belastingdienst (the Dutch tax authorities) and Bosch, we have set up a unique training program for future software leaders.
  • We work together to find solutions, come up with new ideas and discuss better ways of doing things.

Our colleagues on craftmanship:

Being surrounded by experts makes it easy to learn from each other. When you want to deepen your knowledge of a particular area, it’s great to have outstanding colleagues who enjoy sharing their specialist knowledge.

At Luminis you are allowed freedom to learn and experiment. And it is so much easier when everyone around you is an expert in their field.

Craftmanship is not just expressed in terms of knowledge and skill. It also manifests as collegiality. We operate as a team and want everyone to feel valued and included. How do we achieve this? By listening to each other, working together to find solutions, coming up with new ideas together and discussing better ways of doing things.


Our core values are embedded in everything we do. It is important that everyone feels part of the company. How do we achieve this? Read more about home base at Luminis.