BDR Thermea

Set and adjust heating whenever it suits you. With the smart thermostat and free app, you can control your heating quickly and effortlessly, wherever you are.

BDR Thermea Group is a producer and distributor of heating systems. BDR features a number of well-known, established heating and hot water brands, including Remeha, BAXI, Oertli, De Dietrich, Chappee and ECR. For these six brands, Luminis has developed the Room Unit App, a smart thermostat that offers customers a way to always have the perfect heating settings in their home.

Solid software architecture

The aim of Luminis was to create a stable infrastructure.

A solid software architecture that could be expanded in the future and is flexible enough to always respond to customer demand. An example of this is controlling the thermostat by means of Google Assistant and Alexa.

Optimal design through co-creation

To put the end user first, Luminis has been involved in the design and ease of use of the app from the very beginning.

As a result, the mobile app is optimally tailored to the user for easy management of home comfort in seamless cooperation with the thermostat itself.

We worked closely with BDR from the conception up to and including the monitoring of use. The result is a generic product that has been rolled out within the various brands. Luminis also played an advisory role in the design process.

When it comes to responding to last minute adjustments, Luminis is very flexible. They are always willing to help, I am very satisfied with that. Even if, for example, there is a business change that needs to be implemented quickly because a product is launched, the teams will meet within a few days to brainstorm about it. Then the plans are worked out, the UX designers join, Luminis is very good at getting that done quickly. We have seen that differently, at other parties. The collaboration with Luminis is very positive.

Chris Siebrand
Project manager at BDR Thermea

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