Creating user-friendly software by asking the right questions

SmartView, Berlingers’ monitoring solution for temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and clinical products needed an upgrade.

SmartView is used in Berlinger’s key segments: Clinical Trial, Pharma & Life Sciences and Global Health. Each segment consists of an ecosystem of partners and systems with different requirements. Luminis helped to uncover the needs of the end users, and designed a new SmartView User interface in line with those needs.

Berlinger is a family-owned Swiss company that develops, produces, and distributes innovative solutions for monitoring temperature-sensititive pharmaceuticals. Their hardware and software solutions for site and in-transit temperature monitoring improve efficiency for excursion management and increase patient safety.


User research and usability tests

The main challenge our team faced when they started optimizing Smartview was making the existing software more user friendly.


The easiest way to design user friendly software is often starting from scratch but in this case we were improving the existing software and its many integrations. This meant starting with a thorough analysis of the current software as well as getting a grasp of the end users’ needs.

The Luminis Designers initiated and facilitated interviews with Berlingers’ clients and started usability testing. This gave clients the opportunity to give honest and valuable feedback for improvements of the design.

By asking the right questions Luminis was able to quickly get a good understanding of our complex solutions. With their hands on attitude we were able to implement newly designed functionalities. The Luminis staff were very easy to work with. Always very professional and at the same time very accessible and fun.

Marina Beer
Product Manager SmartView at Berlinger

Customer Stories


The smart software makes it easier for Bronkhorst's customers to install, test, modify and read out products.

BDR Thermea

With the smart thermostat and free app, you can control your heating quickly and effortlessly, wherever you are.


Reading out and reprogramming motor settings is often reserved for technicians, or people using Jifeline.

Fast and flexible for a better usability

Our team took on the challenge of designing the new interface for Smartview.

The tools that Luminis used for the usability testing made it very easy to share the designs back and forth in order to give feedback. Their solutions worked well for getting feedback from Berlinger’s clients but it also helped the team at Berlinger give feedback on the designs, and make changes instantly.

There are still a lot of the newly designed functionalities being implemented by the Berlinger team with every update of the Smartview system.Step-by-step we made the  software more userfriendly for different companies and different stakeholders to be able to navigate through SmartView with ease. With a focus on usability, and with the clients’ needs always on top of mind.