DevCon App

Developing an app for our own conference

Luminis organises its own conference every year, the DevCon. This conference is full of technological presentations and innovative topics. To give visitors a better experience, we started making an app in 2016. Here you can see the program, as well as a map, background information about the speakers and route information.

In the version of 2018 we have built an indoor navigation. With this technology we have made our ‘speaker seeker’, where the speakers could be found by following them within the app. In this way interesting conversations were started. To make this possible we used indoor navigation techniques from IndoorAtlas. We have applied this technique with Bluetooth beacons to improve positioning.


Sander Pagie


Jeroen Reijn

Cloud Solution Architect

Maarten Wilschut

Front end / UX developer

Rafaƫla Phaf

Software Developer

Roberto van der Linden

Software Developer

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