Elekta: Flexitron Afterloader

Elekta Flexitron Afterloaded platform (market leader in brachytherapy) allows for the treatment of cancers using brachytherapy. Brachytherapy can be used to treat a tumor, by the insertion of a radioactive source (via an applicator) for a precisely targeted treatment. Brachytherapy is generally used as an effective treatment for cervical, prostate, and breast cancer. The operating software of the Flexitron Afterloader platform runs on a PC and on various terminals with touch-screens, (by the patient and by the entrance of the room) while supporting various workflows.

Improve Afterloader software

Elekta is searching for a proven method to investigate the usability of the current Afterloader software to improve its software. The Luminis Intensive Design method meets these conditions. Elekta wants to conduct this research so that proof can be provided that research has gone into usability when testing and approving Elekra equipment. Elekta is aware of the fact that the operation of the software of Flexitron (and similar product uSelect) and the software operating the control panel in the treatment rooms can be made more user-friendly. By improving the software, it also aims to limit errors during treatment.


Work in conjunction with the domain-experts of Elekta to develop and co-create a new version of the Afterloader platform, focusing centrally on the user rather than the technique. Make sure that the workflow between different devices that are used during the process is logical and operation of the whole system is intuitive. All important decisions must be made in compliance with Elektra and supplemented with necessary documents (requirements, videos, research materials) of the research conducted. The desired result is that customers who use Elekta products find that they look good and are easy to use.

Safety through simplicity

The domain experts at Elekta worked with doctors from the US, UK and the Netherlands to analyze the workflow and manner of operation of the current software. The doctors operated the equipment and reported what they liked or disliked about the product, and what they thought could be done to optimize the product during treatment. In the Netherlands, a treatment was attended to get a better picture of the domain and the operations of the doctor. The final solution is worked towards in a controlled manner, by creating prototypes in different (short) iterations and submitting them to the doctors and Elekta. Using this process, each step which is developed is transparent, and the user remains central. By simplifying the workflow and providing the correct information and the appropriate time, the user can trust that the procedure will go as planned. Safety through simplicity.


Jeroen Bouvrie

Directeur Luminis Nederland

Niels Wissels

Interaction Designer

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