Equestic SaddleClip: the Fitbit for horse riding

Equestic sets out to help a million horses and jockeys worldwide to blossom into ‘Happy Athletes’. To accomplish this, Equestic has built an innovative app and IoT-application: The Equestic SaddleClip, the Fitbit for horse riding. Tracking the horse and its jockey, the clip measures and analyzes each ride. It helps stable owners and jockeys aquire important information about their training history and their horses’ progress.

By measuring and analyzing training sessions over a period of time, stable owners and jockeys have more insight into the effects of each session. This enables a more focused and targeted training, which in turn helps to prevent injuries and overload. The project is a collaboration between several specialist parties. Producing the Equestic SaddleClip entailed the prototyping and development of the sensor, as well as the development of the algorithms needed to analyze and identify the divergent patterns present in the collected data.

Luminis was responsible for the development of the application, the integration within the SaddleClip, and the storage and analysis of the data. Reliable communication between the application and the clip has been an important factor in the success of this data storage. The clear and synoptic visualization of the horse and jockey’s achievements has also been essential to the project. Luminis led all development throughout the project, with an impressive result to show for it:

The Equestic SaddleClip has been enthusiastically welcomed in the equestrian world and has built great brand awareness within a short period of time.

Leon Rutten (Equestic founder) on collaborating with Luminis:

“When I was launching Equestic, the thought of working together with Luminis immediately came to mind. I have worked with Luminis before and it has been consistently productive. Luminis is a great group of smart people, who will accompany you on an adventurous journey to find the perfect solution to your problem. I know these people are brilliant and can be trusted. I can communicate efficiently with Luminis. For this project, Luminis has once again thought very thoroughly about how we should execute our plan. Luminis is very experienced with Agile development, which I find very effective. This project is a prime example for Agile development. It enabled us to make 100 decisions each day and thus to develop and innovate rapidly.”

Strengths and weaknesses of Luminis according to Leon Rutten:
“Openness and communications are Luminis’ strongest assets. They demonstrate great flexibility in making changes or adjustments during a project, which produces great results.If there is a weakness – and I really have to rack my mind to think of one – it would be Luminis’ preference to be a little too innovative. They want to work with the newest technologies. Nevertheless, I always prefer slowing someone down as opposed to having to push someone on.”

Turn to Luminis if you want to pioneer, according to Leon Rutten:
“Luminis takes initiative and is goal-oriented. If you are looking for someone to do “regular” programming work, Luminis is not the organization you should turn to. Not because they cannot do it, but because it does not suit them. In my opinion, you should turn to Luminis if you want to pioneer purposefully. This is particularly important when your end goal is not entirely clear and set from the beginning. If you need to improvise or want to work with new, unfamiliar technologies; Luminis is the organization you are looking for!”


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