GoudAppel: cloud-native transformation

The mobility market is changing rapidly, with data and software playing an increasingly important role.

Luminis helps Goudappel outline its transformation strategy and continuously improve its software delivery process.

Goudappel offers a wide range of possibilities in the field of traffic modeling. For example, by helping its clients translate trends, data and insights into policy. The company develops models and customized applications that translate enormous amounts of real-time and historical data into concrete advice for governments and companies.

Ready for digitization of the mobility domain

Peter Kant, Strategist and Business Consultant at Goudappel:“Digital transformation is also happening in the domain of mobility.

This means that more is possible. It also means that existing techniques and implementations are not always the optimal solution. Luminis helped us develop a digital transformation strategy that included transitioning to the AWS cloud. They guided us through everything involved, from securing internal and external stakeholder interests to identifying possible transition paths, designing conceptual (cloud) architectures, right-sizing and developing business cases.”

“The eventual business case was particularly helpful in assisting decision-making regarding the best way to proceed. We were impressed by the Luminis consultants. They worked at a high level of abstraction (separation of main and side issues), proactively contributed to our thinking on relevant aspects, managed communication with stakeholders, grasped the relevant aspects of the domain in which we operate and drew on their experience with other customers.”

Peter Kant
Strategist and Business Consultant at Goudappel

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From business idea to production in one go

Luminis helped Goudappel achieve the desired results on various levels. This allowe us to work with Goudappel from start to finish, and carry out the project was from business idea to production in one go.

This process includes shaping the digital transformation strategy, rebuilding of desktop application using AWS technology, improving the software delivery process, holding Event Storming Workshops, training the team of software architects and designing and implementing the platform.

What did this accomplish for Goudappel?:

  • An increase in Goudappel’s control due to an acceleration in the development process;
  • A near doubling of velocity;
  • An acceleration in the delivery of key value to key users.

UX Design

We also helped Goudappel design the interface and interaction of the traffic modeling application.

A pleasant user experience was set as an indispensable goal for the new application. The improved interface was then validated with end users, and together with them we also determined each week which needs needed to be worked out into new designs. The application remains well aligned with practice by the improvements and priorities determined by the end users.
Compared to the old application, users can now draw roads faster and provide them with specific data. In addition, they make fewer errors and less time is needed due to the use of smartly linked data and significantly fewer actions needed to equalize data between inserted roads.