INAETICS Innovation project

The ever increasing speed of innovation is driven by information technology. It impacts our energy networks, defence and security systems and our oil and gas production systems and much, much more. Current software architectures do not always have the necessary completeness or versatility to provide a reliable basis for these sorts of complex systems. The functionality of the systems needs to be stable, but it also needs to be flexible to be able to continue to evolve.

The INAETICS (Intelligent Robust Architecture for Time-Critical Systems, Open Innovation project is a collaboration between Alliander, Luminis, Prismtech, SecurityMatter, Thales and University of Twente. These parties share their knowledge, experience to work together on next generation solutions for scalable, time-critical systems in a broad scope of applications. The INAETICS architecture allows companies to focus on a faster delivery of domain-specific, relevant solutions.

The goal is to develop controllable and scalable software architecture based on open source components, which can process large amounts of real time data smoothly. Luminis develops efficient and flexible hybrid cloud solutions based on open source components. .

More about this Open Innovation project in Bits&Chips5 (Dutch).



Hans Gringhuis

Marcel Offermans

Software architect

Hans Gringhuis

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