Investment portfolio complexity simplified

Luminis has realised a software platform for ModuleZ. ModuleZ supplies this platform to financial institutions. It concerns a participant administration with which various investment products for clients are managed. Luminis has developed a new application, including responsive web portals for both customers and intermediaries. As a result, clients have an up-to-date picture of their investment portfolio at any time, on any device, and they can make adjustments quickly and easily, while intermediaries can advise their clients optimally. The system supports the employees of financial institutions with, among other things, processing bank transactions, preparing books for stock trading, disclosure and handling all communication with customers.

“Luminis has been involved in the project from the start, and was given free rein in the interaction design, architecture and technology choices. As a software architect, this was a perfect case for me to demonstrate the quality and development speed possible with modern Microsoft development tools combined with web frontend technology.”
Hilmar Jansen, Software-architect Luminis Arnhem


Alex van Beek

Software Architect

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