Nedap AEOS 3.0: smart security

AEOS is a Nedap Security Management product and is based on intelligent network technology. It allows the connection of almost any type of access device and their management over the internet. AEOS offers freedom of identification on the basis of RFID technology, and verification by fingerprint and iris recognition etc.

Luminis supported Nedap in designing the architecture and implementation of the AEOS smart security system. Technology keywords include: Java, SOA, Jini, JMS, JMX and HTML. In the 3.0 release of AEOS, the existing user interface was replaced by a RIA (Rich Internet Application) architecture. Compact hot-pluggable modules provide a range of functionality. The management and monitoring of the AEOS system is via web-based access. AEOS provides a total security management solution with a flexible, configurable security model, and the integration of video surveillance.

The following key features play a role in this solution:
– A richer task-oriented user interface
– Application of new web technology
– Integration with mobile devices
– Emergency management of buildings
– Video streaming of integrated Security Cameras
– Support for more than 20 languages

The application of frameworks aimed at developing RIA applications: Adobe Flex. The streamlining of the iteration between user interaction design and engineering by using Adobe Flash Catalyst and Adobe Builder, as well as a deep integration with the existing EJB3.0 server implementation. A high degree of reusability of existing domain assets is achieved through code generation from Java to AS3.


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