Monuta – Online Insurance Module

Consumers inform themselves on the internet and more and more insurance products are effectively sold online. Monuta has traditionally been a strong player in the traditional market of funeral insurance. In order to reach targeted consumers online and to be successful it is important they are able to find your website. Once the consumer is actually a visitor ‘the art of conversion’ begins. That is, how do you turn a visitor into a customer?

With the online insurance module that we have developed with Monuta they have become a successful player in the online market. The application is running for a few years now while being improved and adapted continually to the requirements that arise out of optimizations that result in better conversion as well as new laws and regulations.

In September 2014 the Monuta website was again, as in 2011 and 2013, voted the best in the insurance industry. This study, conducted by a leader in online conversion benchmarking called WUA!, looked at the consumers first impression, user experience and overall opinion. The website scored best at all these topics, in particular due to the part where the premium is calculated which was rated as being very user-friendly.


Jorg Hollenberg

Agile Project Manager

+31 6 81 61 78 79

Fabian Wouters

Software engineer

Alex Bijsterveld

Software engineer

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