OTIB Kennishuis

OTIB is an organisation that strives to develop and warrant the quality of the installation industry. An industry that, with nearly 10,000 employers and 120,000 employees, is one of the largest industries in the Netherlands. One of OTIB’s mission statements is to support its employers and employees in developing their knowledge and skills. The information which must be consulted for this purpose is usually available on the internet, but because they are scattered over a large number of different sources it is difficult to find the right documents. The purpose of the ‘Kennishuis’ (which could be freely translated to mean Knowledge Center) was to develop a search engine used by the installation industry such that its members can easily find the relevant documents they are looking for. “Providing central access to information was a key success factor for the project. Therefore, we have invested a lot of time in building relationships and consulting with the important stakeholders.” – Kees Hagens, policy adviser at OTIB and project sponsor.


The OTIB Kennishuis is the main online search engine for the technical installation industry that makes use of our state-of-the-art search engine technology. To begin with, a stereotype-based profile is assigned to determine the relevance of each document given the users role at an organization, e.g. a draftsman receives different search results than a ‘planner’ or ‘buyer’. In addition, a personal user profile is created and semantic technology used to further improve the relevance and accuracy of the documents found. Finally, when presenting the search results the concept of intelligent filtering is used that allows us to communicate large amounts of information clearly and efficiently. “People in our industry can use the system immediately, it is a system that is self-explanatory. It clearly meets a need.” – Kees Hagens


Jorg Hollenberg

Agile Project Manager

+31 6 81 61 78 79

Marc Teutelink

Software architect

Fabian Wouters

Software engineer

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