Remeha Smart Service Application

When central heating breaks down a quick repair is vital, especially in winter. The problem is that field-service engineers can be faced with a wide variety of different boilers, so quick diagnosis can be complex. The home owner and the engineer need a solution that enables the engineer to diagnose the problem quickly and correctly. Luminis has developed a Smart Service Application that allows engineers to make a wireless connection with the boiler. Through this they can easily read the data, both diagnosing the problem and offering a roadmap and a manual to solve the problem. Remeha is part of the BDR Thermea group. BDR Thermea is a leading manufacturer of heating boilers for the European market. This app has ensured that central heating boiler field-service engineers can provide a better service. Following the successful implementation of the iPad version, an Android smartphone version has also been developed. Other businesses within the BDR Thermea group are also using this app, each business using their own interface and one of the different language versions available.


Tom Hanekamp

Sr. Software Engineer

Mark van Oosterum

Software engineer

Ronald Spierenburg

Software engineer

Angelo Van der Sijpt

Software architect

Bart Dohmen

Interaction designer

Barry Haanstra

Software engineer

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