In 1991 Sjaak Bril and Peter van Noord entered a dare: trying to establish a marathon that would run all the way from Rotterdam to Paris. This was the beginning of Roparun. Nowadays, this relay race between Paris and Rotterdam has hundreds of participating teams and raises several million euros each year for its charity of choice: palliative care for cancer patients. Since its first iteration in 1992 some 88 million euro has been collected. 

The speedy growth of the event made it increasingly hard to keep a grip on the registration and sponsoring process, this is where Luminis entered. Luminis got the request to improve the system and make it future-proof. Costs had to be kept low, as anything spent on technology would not directly benefit charity.

Luminis got together with the organisers of Roparun to determine the customer journey of runners, volunteers and sponsors. This gave a clear overview of what needed to be changed. After, experts from Luminis got started with a design, assisted by creative input from students of the IT Campus in Rotterdam.

The result is a sight to behold: a future-proof, completely scalable environment running on the AWS cloud. The entire development proces has been placed online on GitLab. This allows for easy addition of new functionalities based on Java or Angular. With this new environment, Roparun is ready for the future!


Alex Hoeksma

Managing Director

GP Gooiker

Digital product designer
+31 6 14999958

Richard Schaaf

Senior Business Analist, Agile Coach

Corinne Roosen

Front-end Developer

Jeremy Pietersz

Full-stack Engineer

Jacobjob Koster

Java consultant

Jasper Vermeulen

Full-stack Engineer

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