Kersten RTD iServe

Severely disabled people should have the opportunity to live independently, should they wish. However they are often dependent on others and have to use a number of devices to manage their environment.

RTD iServe offers a control system which operates from one device. Users can, for example, use a single button to open doors, switch lights on and off, control video and audio equipment and make phone calls. The previous controller available, HomeServant, was based on outdated technology and was expensive. Luminis and Kersten RTD have developed the iServe, based on open standards and conventional hardware.
Kersten RTD is the manufacturer of high quality technical tools and controllers in the fields of mobility, communication and environment.

The RTD iServe is designed to improve disabled peoples way of life by offering more opportunity, freedom and control. The iServe can be completely customized for each user so that individuals have their own control system tailored to their surroundings. What’s more the configuration can be remotely adjusted. The app can be controlled by a joystick, a single button, or a blowing or suction system, and other applications can be encorporated such as an e-reader, e-mail, a clock or games.


Jeroen Bouvrie

Directeur Luminis Nederland

Angelo Van der Sijpt

Software architect

Tom Hanekamp

Sr. Software Engineer

Bram Braat

Interaction designer

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