Personalised learning solution

Traditionally, everyone in the classroom follows the same learning material at the same tempo. However, we believe that every individual should be given the chance to achieve their maximum. To do this, education will benefit when the student is the heart of the learning process. is a personal digital learning environment. This personalised learning solution adapts to the individuals’ level of development, effort, ambition and unique learning style. The personal profiles of the student and the teacher are used to personalise the learning process. Individuals have the same starting point, but the route to the goal is established in their own manner. What’s more, to become an effective coach, a teacher must have detailed and continuously updated information on a student’s progress and achievements, and delivers this.

In 2014, this personalised learning solution was awarded the Innovation of Learning Award from IPON, an independent platform for innovation in the Dutch educational market. This platform is the pinnacle when it comes to personalised learning solutions. It has been tested in several pilots in several schools.

Digital learning solutions are now real in the market, with increasing interest from schools and educational institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. With continuous research into teaching and learning at schools, the digital learning environment around will be continuously strengthened and expanded.


Tim Schouten

Tim Schouten

Niels Boogaard

Senior software engineer

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