Thales Sensors

Within Thales, the business unit: Thales Sensors provides customers the ability to use, modify and maintain naval systems by providing information, resources, training and support throughout the entire life cycle of these systems. Luminis was commissioned to develop a specific tool to support a maintenance console for radar. The selection of Luminis was influenced by several factors, including its customer oriented approach and in-house knowledge. The Dutch Navy is a unique client for Luminis from a government organization.

Thales demanded the highest requirements with regard to the software to be developed: an easily extendable and usable used in combination with legacy systems. A good interaction design, an insightful GUI and proven technology were at the top of the wish list.

Luminis played a leading role in defining the architecture, graphic concept and the ultimate realization of an OSGi-based application. A broadly pluggable solution also suitable for use in testing tools, training, etc. as well as maintenance. The building blocks of this application were the Apache Felix OSGi framework and additional services, interaction design and supporting tools based on Atlassian. The benefits of this flexible, well documented and easily maintainable tool, were immediately evident to Thales. The project planning used Scrum, which delivered measurable benefits throughout the project. Regarding future cooperation, Luminis is classified by Thales as a preferred supplier.


Jeroen Bouvrie

Directeur Luminis Nederland

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