The Learning Network: innovations for digital education

Until 2017, The Learning Network (TLN) was known as ‘Van Dijk’s Boekhuis’ and ‘Van Dijk Education’. There is a chance you used to order your school books from ‘Van Dijk’. Thanks to TLN’s years of experience, expertise and relationships with schools, it is now the largest educational service provider in the Netherlands.

For the past 80 years, The Learning Network (TLN) has been providing study materials to pupils, students and teachers in secondary education, MBO and higher education.

Solid and flexible IT architecture

TLN is the educational service provider that professionalizes a learning environment in which digitization, customization and service are very important.

Luminis has been the IT partner of TLN for more than 10 years. Over the past decade, Luminis contributed to the development of a solid and flexible IT architecture for TLN. Partly because of these efforts, TLN is able to give a new impulse to the digitization of education today.

The Catalogus

TLN uses software technology to optimize the quality of the digital learning environment, and to facilitate the provision of digital learning resources.

Luminis and TLN work together on various innovative projects for education. Such as the jointly developed online Catalogus, an independent platform for and by teachers where different online teaching materials for secondary education are offered. Lecturers can orientate themselves in the Catalogus. Based on educational criteria and peer reviews, they choose the right teaching materials based on their needs and those of the student. In addition, teachers can also find tools, apps and videos for (online) lessons. The created community offers the possibility of collaboration between the teachers.

The Webshop

Besides the Catalogus Luminis has also developed a webshop for TLN in 2010. This webshop is used by thousands of pupils and allows them to order their books and other school materials online. There is a lot of variation between different schools and teaching methods. As a result, a standard webshop was not an option.

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