Van Dijk Educatie – Webshop

Van Dijk Educatie is a leader in the rental and sale of new and used textbooks. From their headquarters in Kampen they provide some 750,000 students with over 11 million textbooks each year. The web application we developed ensures that participating schools and its students can order their books and other learning materials with ease. In addition, the student will receive up-to-date information about the status of order processing and billing.

A key success factor in the architecture of this solution is the enterprise service bus (ESB). It supports enterprise application integration (EAI) through the exchange and transformation of messages between the web application and the back office systems (i.a. Baan ERP) responsible for order fulfilment and logistics processes.
This large and complex project, where continuity is important while dealing with its strong seasonal dynamics, is being created and maintained by a variety of our experts.

The webshop is running successfully for 5 years while being improved and adapted continually to the requirements that originate from the modernization and digitization of education. Luminis and Van Dijk Educatie have grown a lasting and durable relationship where we are appointed their preferred partner in supporting the webshop and related products and services.


Jorg Hollenberg

Agile Project Manager

+31 6 81 61 78 79

Daniël Portier

Software engineer

Martijn van der Veek

Software engineer

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